Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day

Today...i was tired. It is true. I rushed home from work at 7am and we got everyone ready and headed to Church. Today, i set up my booth on pedicatric HIV and the church showed a great video I had given them during the announcement section at the beginning of the service. I had 4 people come and give me contact information and took some pamphlets. I am not exactly what to do with the contact information. I guess I will think of something.

There is an orphanage in Ghana, Hardthaven, that Anita's #4 is from and they have made it really easy for people to help them. Check out the how to help section if you are interested in helping. I want to set up a relationship with them and this small group of people who want to help. I also want to increase awareness about 2 main points in Pediatric HIV
1. How it is NOT transmitted.
2. How it is a chronic disease WITH treatment and a death sentence WITHOUT treatment

I digress.....

After church we went throught the drivethru at Jim and Nicks...yummm. and then I had a hot bath and ate a bunch of Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie icecream ...fell asleep in the bathtub and then took a 2 hour nap (also delicious). Played with the kids, we took a nice stroll around the block....I just love to take walks around the neighborhood with the kids. I just wish we had sidewalks and fewer hills.

In other news, we have been trying to set up some tutoring for Aaron and really wanted to send him another package and possibly try to get a volunteer to bring him something for his birthday...maybe a cake and a birthday party for the kids at his orphanage. I was informed today that we can't have any type of contact or provide anykind of special services to Aaron until adoptions start moving again in Kyrgyzstan. So that made us sad and seems a little ominous. There is a conference call on Tuesday for adoption alliance families in process....I guess since we are not technically in process we haven 't been invited to attend. I am anxious to hear what the scoop is. However, I think this call was initiated by a waiting parent and I am pretty sure that there is no kind of news at all. In fact, I just heard from the coordinator and she has not a single idea or clue at all about what might happen in the future whether it is going to be months or years or never. This is the first time she has said she has no idea at all.

So, we will wait and see what this week brings. You may notice that there are now some links to Thailand blogs over on the left side of the screen. I have officially joined the Thailand yahoo forum...definitely the first step in any international adoption! There are some logistical things we need to figure out for Alabama - but we have the waiting child list from a very ethical and highly recommended agency and there will be posts on this subject to follow I think.

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