Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Links

I have posted a couple of new links on my side bar. Advocating for Orphans with HIV has a really great list of links...blogs, videos, and websites. This is my favorite is sooooo moving.

I have talked about From HIV to Home before...several times...I have just moved the link up here.

Project Hopeful is the organization created by the woman featured in the video I linked to above.

Full House, Full Hands, Full Hearts is the blog of the HIV+ adoption coordinator from AAI. It is a great blog for answering questions about what it means to raise a large family and to raise a family that has HIV+ kids in it.

My list of links is short because these websites I am linking to are soooooo comprehensive.

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The Stevens said...

oh my gosh this was the video i was looking for the other day to send you. i am so glad you found it.

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