Thursday, May 7, 2009

World AIDS Orphan day

Full House, Full Hands, Full Hearts

She has all of the facts. Now why have I started to care so passionately about this. Simply because of how unfair it is.

A baby is born....through no fault of her a mother who has AIDS. Baby contracts HIV through birth or through breastfeeding and now if this baby live in the US...she lives a mostly normal life. Yes, she has to take medicine 2 or 3 pills twice a day...but she goes to Kindergarten, girl scouts, gymnastics class. She gets in trouble at school...maybe wrecks the car once. Gets caught sneaking out of the house a few times, graduates from High School, goes to college, falls in love, gets married, has kids ...makes her parents proud.

If she lives in Sub-saharan Africa, her mother dies, she has a 98% chance of NOT receiving any medication and subsequently has a 50 % chance of being dead before she is 2.

She is not just one baby ...she is 2.3 million babies. Statistics are great to look at...but even if it was 1 baby and not 2.3 million babies...this is tragic.

Worldvision, Ahope for children, hardthaven orphanage, from HIV to Home...these are just some of the organizations that can help you help if you are even half as moved by the tragedy of this.

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The Stevens said...

i am heading to chicago in a few weeks to do a rotation in pediatric HIV. what a powerful way of putting this.

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