Saturday, May 30, 2009


I quietly added a link to the misc. links sidebar a couple of weeks ago...I ran across it from someone's adoption blog...I don't know which one. I had read a couple of the posts...a woman from Tennessee, living in Uganda who had 11 children...she looked really young in the picture. So I started leafing back through her posts to see if I could figure out how old she was...I have had some spare time recently. The journey she has been on in the last 2 years is just amazing. Truly amazing. It is soooo not my place to do a synopsis...but she could make a lot of money if she wrote a book and she has some great pictures too.

I spend a good part of my time thinking about how I can make the world a better place. Seriously...I know it sounds cheesy. I make plans, I intellectualize, I act reasonably (for the most part). This blog is a 19 year old girl ...who makes these amazing and unreasonable choices...shaking off the fact that what she is doing is (by our US standards...)completely insane. She takes tremendous leaps of faith and has changed the lives and saved the lives of more than one child in Uganda. It is an amazing read...and an amazing reminder that sometimes you have to go with your gut or your faith and trust that you are doing what you are meant to do.

In my life, most of the things I have done that I am most proud of and that have filled me with the greatest sense of joy, peace, happiness, etc....have been things I have done out of an inexplicable feeling that I am supposed to do it...that it is the right thing for me. My biggest tragedies in my life are the times (really one time in particular) when I reasoned myself and scared myself into doing things that were rational.

There is something to be said for youth and the underdeveloped frontal lobe! There have been a couple of times in my life when I have consciously thought to myself..."I hope Lilianna grows up to....". The first time was at the Ostrich Festival in some suburb of Phoenix..when Lilianna was one year old. All of th ostriches were in quarantine for some crazy ostrich flu and there were only emus there. there was a petting zoo in a big tent that was the most decrepit and stomach turning animal exhibit I have ever seen. I thought to myself...I hope Lilianna grows up to protest these kind of places.

The second time I said to myself "I hope Lilianna grows up to...." was as I was reading this blog....I hope that Lilianna grows up to find a way to channel her overflowing and unbridled love for others in a way that changes lives like the inspiring way "Auntie Katie" does.

Y'all seriously have to check out this blog.


Tapsalteerie said...

Truly an amazing blog! I've started reading it, but will have to start from the beginning and work my way forward so that it all makes sense :)

Michelle said...

I totally had to start at the beginning took me like 3 nights to go through it. I read the last couple of entries and then went back to the first entry and was like...omg what happened!

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