Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Appreciating the everyday....

I am off today...I certainly appreciate everyday I am off.....seriously though. I did head into work to spend some time working on my senior project. On the way home, I was listening to one of the NPR programs and they had a writer on the program who had been stabbed while visiting the island of Crete and had been very close to death. He had written a piece on how a near death experience makes you appreciate life.

Being near to dying people also helps you to appreciate life, maybe. I have a very healthy appreciation of how short life can be. One minute you are driving down the interstate...the next minute you are being coded in an ambulance on the way to the trauma bay.

I am not sure how I have been lucky enough to really internalize the whole big picture thing...I think it has a lot to do with my dad and his very "big picture" approach to life. He said a very wise thing to me quite recently...he said that one of his only regrets is that he didn't take more family vacations when we were younger. So....I am not slow to learn from his mistakes...more family vacations for us! I know I have blogged about another one of his gems...."don't let school interfere with your education". You might think I didn't pay attention to that one since I have more degrees than the average person...but I really have taken that one to heart.

If you get wrapped up in the tiny little minutia of everyday life....you neglect to appreciate the overall awesomeness of your life. I hope that I can pass along that perspective to my kids. Lilianna might be a challenge...she gets wrapped up and excited about very small things. Zeb and Ben are both totally laid back and I think will get it pretty easily. I just want my kids to see our glass as half full (at least half-full)!

So, lately I have been forgetting the big picture a little bit while I stress out about what I am going to do next year when I finish my residency. There are a lot of little details to stress about - trust me! I am now resolved to chill out and let whatever is supposed to happen....happen. I have also been a little stressed out about Kyrgyzstan closing and Aaron not joining our family. Especially in the last week as it was his birthday. Now I am going to chill out and let whatever is supposed to happen....happen on that front too. There will definitely be more children in our future...I just have to quit pushing it right this second...that is more of an October/November topic.

I am running to the store and we are going to have one of our favorite dinners tonight...cheese and crackers (bad mommy, I know). Then take a relaxing walk around one of the outdoor malls here. I love doing that.

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Shannon said...

Every time I come here you manage to teach me a lesson. This is such an incredible reminder and hey, NOTHING wrong with cheese and crackers - dairy, protein, carbs, grains....it's all there!

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