Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby mum-mums

Zeb went straight to food....Lilianna had biter biscuits which were soooo messy it was like graham cracker colored cement on everything. I found baby mum mums at walmart and they totally rock. They get a little umm....soggy ....but mostly Benjamin either eats it or drops it...and I admit it...I will totally eat the leftovers. They taste kind of like sticks of Kix cereal (kid tested mom approved). they are totally delicious and not very messy at all. I just ate 2 old half eaten ones out of Benjamin's car seat for a snack....yummmm. so it reminded me I was going to give a shout out to baby mum mums.
by the way....Zeb loves to say baby mum mum (who doesn't love to say baby mum mum...say it with mum mum) and love to ask for baby mum mums to give to is cute.


Mala said...

Just make sure it was a Baby Mum Mum and not a month old chicken mcnugget.. Mmmkay?

Shannon said...

I DO love to say "baby mum-mum". I've never seen them, but I look forward to trying them out - or at least having a reason to buy them. :) Perhaps you can bring me some in August and we snack on them during happy hour.

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