Thursday, June 25, 2009

the dollar and cents (sense) of it...

So, yesterday afternoon I took all of our dossier documents to the county clerk and got them certified. Today, i drove down to Montgomery to get the state certification. While I was waiting for the state certification...I took a green crayon....the only writing utensil in my purse....why I don't know.....and started adding up how much money we were going to have to send to the translator for translation and then on to the dept of state and the Kyrgyz Embassy. Before I give y'all the breakdown.....let me tell you a new story.

This morning, Karen called again and I asked her about ...yes....I asked her about concurrent adoptions. I told her about the 10 year old in Ghana that I had learned about. She told me that the in country coordinator is only about 40% sure that when our case comes up in court (when they finally DO start processing) that they will accept our paperwork. She wants to try if we are willing becuase she thinks there is a chance...but she thinks it is more likely that we will get denied. She recommended that we pursue concurrent adoptions. She said that in all likelihood Aaron won't be able to come home for greater than a year to 18 months. So she thought it would be better if we submitted our dossier and crossed our fingers and followed through with a concurrent adoption. Not really the thing you want to hear from you adoption coordinator...but at least she is honest...and she always has been that. That is what I like about Karen and adoption alliance...they truly are in this to help kids find families...even if they are not the kids in their particular program!

I haven't talked to Keith yet....cuz he was in meetings today....surprise Keith! When Keith and I talked about it last night we decided we would just do whatever we could because regrets of ommission or inaction are way bigger than regrets of action (in my humble opinion). If we spend a crap load of money on getting our dossier over there and it doesn't work out that is one thing...if we don't try...that is a completely different regret that we don't want to have.

So while sitting in the secretary of state's office waiting for my certifications...I did the math on what we will be spending to legalize our dossier.
County and state legalization.....$170
Translation .........$365 (already paid for the homestudy to be translated and forgot how much)
translator processing fee.....$85
courier fee.......$300
dept of state legalization.....$160
Kyrgyz embassy legalization......$1300

So if I remembered to put everything in there...we have to mail $1850 worth of money orders along with our dossier....I didn't even count the fed ex overnight costs...probably about $150.

OUCH! We have to do it though....we can't just say ummm no. International adoption is always a gamble...but it seems especially so right fact the odds are so stacked up against us it is not even a is almost like buying a bridge from a well-dressed city-slicker. But if our in country coordinator (whom I totally trust) says there is a 40% chance...we have to go for it.

Now that being said. The cost for an independent Ghana adoption for R is $5000. That includes everything but the immigration and visa stuff and travel. While it is still international adoption and things can least adoptions are currently being processed in Ghana! My heart totally aches for this little girl and I am so committed to finding her a family....look out.


Mala said...

WOW!!!!! Are you sure you didn't forget a zero or two.

I'm at the edge of my seat!

Michelle said...

I is ridiculously inexpensive to adopt independently from Ghana. Africa, in general is less expensive than Central Asia....but the difference is soooo huge. We have already paid more towards A's adoption than it would take to complete R's adoption. And we are far from done paying for A's adoption.

Michelle said...

A point of clarification...we are not pursuing any concurrent adoption at this time...I am, instead, going to try to raise money for R's adoption so i can offer a grant towards her adoption..I am also going to try to find a family for I don't know!

Shannon said...

Sooo....Keith - let's hear from you??

I for one, expected this and am completely on the same page as you are, Michelle. We had almost this exact conversation yesterday. If we let so-called logic and money direct our decisions, we may miss out on something very special. That conversation led us to a decision (to be disclosed at a later date). :) I know whatever you decide to do you will throw yourself 100% into it and you WILL succeed - you always do!

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