Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help families who adopt internationally

EACH stands for Equality for Adopted Children. they are working on legislation that will make internationally adopted children US citizens when their adoptions are processed in their native country. This means that they won't have to get a passport from their birth country and then apply for immigrant status and return home (with their new parents) as immigrants. It will cut down on time, money and paperwork. mostly it will cut down on time.

Check this out and see how you can help families bring their kids home faster!

What you can do: Join EACH – Equality For Adopted Children and read the Families for Orphans Coalition press release. You can also join the Facebook group “Pass the FACE Act” and invite people to join. This can legitimately act as a signed petition as people join the group



Rachel said...

This legislation actually looks as though it will have pretty detrimental consequences for adoptees and the systems that support ethical adoptions.

I'm happy to explain further, but don't want to clog your comments. It is not nearly as clear-cut as EACH is suggesting, unfortunately.

Michelle said...

There are always 2 sides to everything. I would love for you to post your view on it. Maybe there is something about this legislation I am not seeing.

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