Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A small rant....

I just got an email from one of my coworkers that his wife was throwing a little get together for all of the wives of the incoming residents in our program....bring the kids...get to know each other yadda yadda yadda.

I know I chose to work my butt off to be in a specialty that is majority male...but sometimes it makes me feel left out. It is not like I am going fly fishing with the guys at work...and it is not like I can go to a 10am wednesday wives party.

Everywhere I go professionally I will encounter this. I knew this when I started and I still love my job....but when I am sitting in the TBICU after working 19 hours (with 16 hours to go) and I get an email about the wives get together...it just irritates me.

I actually don't know why I am complaining about this...I absolutely don't have time to do anything that isn't being with my family! It is a good thing my home life is sooooo totally fantastic...or I would be truly annoyed.


The Stevens said...
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The Stevens said...

Your not missing anything, think about it like this you would have nothing in common with them because you have a brain of your own and do not rely on a "man" for your income, status, or resources. Ok can you tell I am a little jaded by the "doctors wives club" they really make me puke; So many times I want to say, um what is that you do? Oh yeah, thats right NOTHING

Michelle said...

I get along with many of my co-resident's wives...I think I am not angry at them - Ijust get frustrated about being left out...I am really a 7th grader trapped inside a 30-something body! Although during my intern year I overheard a couple of doctor's wives talking in starbucks about all of the things they were doing with their time now that the kids were in school...I thought to myself...why didn't I just marry a doctor!

Mala said...

Can't you just send your husband?
(HA! Like he has time!)
But still, kinda funny, right?

Michelle said...

Mala, Keith and I are heading to 2 workshops in the fall for physicians and their spouses...and we have talked about how he is totally going to be surrounded by doctor's wives...I think he is looking forward to being surrounded by chicks.

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