Thursday, July 23, 2009

230 am in the OR

I picked up an extra overnight shift.....sometimes you sleep and get paid...other times you sit in the OR all night long....unfortunately I m sitting in the OR alllllll night looooong.

I am trying to earn some extra money before Lilianna comes home and brings the joy of trying to undo the unrestrained freedom of her dad's house.

I was doing a little moonlighting calculation on my way to work tonight. I worked ton in the last 3 weeks. The extra paycheck for the first two weeks of moonlighting will come to us this Friday and there will be 42 hours on it. This week I will have worked 18 hours of overtime. I feel like a total work horse. ...However, I was doing the math and here it is...
Monday i was on call so 7am to 7am tuesday (24 hours) then i went home until 11pm and worked 11p to 7a and then 7a until 3pm (16h). then I went home and I came back to work at 11pm and will work until 11pm tomorrow (24h). Then I go home and come back at 6 ish and work until 3 (9h) altogether I will have worked only like 70 hours. I may work extra on Friday...i am scheduled but i am trying to get rid of it.

It sounds like a lot...but it is like 10 - 30 hours less week than i was working my intern year and I am getting paid extra for at least 18 hours of it!

Only 20 more hours to go!

I know this post as ridiculously mundane! I may post again as I sit here bored to tears in a middle of the night arm revascularization.


Shea said...

Funny that you posted this... I just got off the phone with a friend and we were talking about work hours and overtime!! Must be on the brain for today! LOL

Gotta love Doc hours... Jim saw Sophie's bone doc this past rotation in the ER at like 2am as he got called in to do surgery... we had to go see him at the office the next morning bc Sophie's foot cast needed reinforcing (ie she started peeling the heel off). I sent scones... but turns out the bone doc slept in(must've been in surgery a long time) so he didn't get any. I've promised to send more... now if I could just pay Sophie's bill there with food...

Michelle said...

I totally made scones the other day for the first time ever...they were ok...what is your recipe? ummm...can I buy the ingredients in the grocery store or Whole foods?

Shea said...

Scones are soooo easy really. I make alot of variations but usually blueberry is most requested (that's what I sent to the bone doc).

Blueberry Scones
2 cups all purpose flour
2 TB baking powder*
1/2tsp salt
2 TB sugar
5 TB cold butter cut into chunks
1 cup heavy cream**
1 cup blueberries (frozen***)

* make sure it's less than 3 months old, baking powder loses its effectiveness over time.

** you can use whole milk instead. The cream makes it more decadent but milk works fine too.

*** frozen berries won't break up and make the whole thing blue.


Mix all the dry ingredients.
Cut in the butter until it looks like bread crumbs (I used my hands to rub it in).
Add cream/milk and lightly mix.
Add blueberries.

Turn out dough on a floured surface and pat gently into a round (about 8-9 inches or so) then cut into 8 wedges. Transfer to a sheet pan.

Brush tops with a little cream (or milk).

Bake at 350F until golden brown (about 12 mins? I go by smell and appearance).

Mix a couple spoonfuls of powdered sugar with a drop of cream (or milk) to make a thin icing. Pour or brush over the tops while they're still really hot.

(Alternatively, you can sprinkle sugar on the tops before baking and skip the icing altogether)


It's safe to say that I'll never write a cookbook... I'd run out of ***s LOL!

Michelle said...

can we substitute chocolate chips for the blueberries? mmmmmm. I am totally going to make your recipe this weekend.

Shea said...

I've made it with chocolate chunks but chips should work fine too. Actually I use this recipe as the base for all my other scones, just replacing the blueberries with raisins or chocolate or cranberries (with orange peel YUM!) or whatever... it's modification friendly :)

Michelle said...

omg...these scones are delish! we added one cup of mini choc chips and i made the glaze. I also shredded frozen unsalted butter in instead of making chunks and balls. I would post a picture...but I need to work on my presentation...they look like big (really big) lumpy spotted rocks...but they taste light fluffy and delicious.

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