Wednesday, July 15, 2009


mmmmm I have been busy. Starting on july 1st i was able to moonlight again and I went a little crazy. Since July 1st I have worked 42 extra hours. I love the extra money...but hate the extra time at work...well I don't hate being at work I just hate not being at home.

Zeb is doing so good sleeping in his big boy bed! Every morning he tells dad and Ms. Dee (our awesome babysitter) all about how he slept in his big boy bed. We need to work a little bit on sleep hygeine...there is a big (I mean BIG) pile of toys in the middle of his room. My theory on bedrooms is that they are for sleeping and a few little books or toys. Bedrooms shouldn't be thought of as a place for playing or for punishment...but for sleeping. Unfortunately, I talk the talk but don't walk the walk. It is just soooo easy to send someone to their room for quiet time or when they are out of control to chill out. I have a long weekend this weekend and I think this weekend we are going to have to reevaluate bedrooms.

Zeb has also been very, very affectionate - he brings his 2 baby blankets over to you and wants to cuddle in your lap. I just love cuddling with my babies I am eating up cuddlemonster Zeb. After his bath last night he wanted to rock in the rocking chair with me. The only thing cuter that cuddle monster Zeb is jedi-master Zeb. He does ninja karate moves with sound effects and sometimes grabs Lilianna's light saber (which is like twice as long as he is tall) is really the sound effects he makes that pulls the whole look together. I need to get some kind of video making technology to post it.

We are cleaning the toys out of Z's room...maybe not all of them...but a lot of them. We also have to rearrange Lilianna's room because we are going to set up the crib in there for Benjamin. Lilianna really wants to share a room with Benjamin....and I really wanted Benjamin out of the living there we go! I would love it if the babies could share a room..but they would just wake each other up I think.

We have so much stuff it is ridiculous....really ridiculous. Lilianna is coming home in a little over a week. Then 2 weeks after that school starts! The summer is almost over. I am kind of glad because I miss Lilianna. The faster the summer is over...the faster this whole academic year is over and the faster I know where I am going to be after I finish my residency!

I have picked out a birthday cake to try to make for Lilianna's is a princess castle. I really love to bake...I made some old school Nestle Tollhouse Pan cookies the other day...they were delish. I am working on scones sometime this weekend.

I need to take some pictures..because words are sooo boring...especially ones out of my mouth or keyboard.

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