Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cultural Event day

Today a lot of the "cultural event" places...the museum of art, the Southern museum of flight, the zoo, botanical gardens...etc had a free open house for everyone that had a membership at one of them. We have a membership at the Mcwayne Science center and the we were all over going to other places. We had a ton of fun at the Southern Museum of Flight...all of the cockpit pictures are from there. They had a ton of hands on things for kids...little airplane legos, toy airplanes to play on and flight simulators for the older kids. It really was fun. We may join there. Keith said when you are a member you can volunteer to help restore airplanes...I guess it is all done by volunteers there - i think my geeky boys would probably love that!
We also spent some time at Vulcan Park which has a huge statue of Vulcan you can take an elevator to the top and there is a really spectacular view of Birmingham. Zeb's picture is on a replica of Vulcan's toes.
Ben is really filling up that backpack...he was so ridiculously small when he was in it at Disneyworld! Ben is also tearing up the solid food....he loves peas, cheerios, mashed potatoes and of course, birthday cake!
We also went to the Museum of Art and saw a presentation by the Birmingham Children's theatre and a performance of Embellishments...the Hand Bell choir. We finished off our day with a brisk walk around the Botanical was super fun....exhausting but fun.
I think Lilianna would have really enjoyed the day...I can't wait until she comes home next weekend!

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Shannon said...

That sounds like the perfect day - well, if L was there it would've been perfect. You've got yourself some pretty cute boys!

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