Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lilianna's home...

We met Lilianna and her dad half way between here and New Orleans on Sunday and she is home! I was soooo beat this last week that I didn't get the house cleaned at all and her room is a mess!
We started to take stuff out of her room because we were planning on putting up the crib in there for means everything came off of her shelf and was put in the middle of the floor and then we never did anything with it....It is bad. Cub scouts swallowed up monday and tuesday nights and I am on call tonight, so my poor daughter is living in a truly unbelievable mess. Tomorrow we will rectify the situation!

L has also been going to ballet camp which she totally loves. She hasn't gotten in trouble once...that we have heard about...yeah! This Friday she will turn 6 years old. I totally can't believe it.

She has been doing pretty good since coming back from her dad's. To say that she is the center of the universe in New Orleans would likely be an bringing her back to life with siblings has had its moments!

The biggest challenge is reminding her to be a first time listener. She will literally ignore you when you say something she doesn't want to reminding her that that is not an acceptable behavior has been great fun......(that is sarcasm). However, I must say, she has been doing remarkable well compared to some of the other times she has returned from NOLA.

I totally need to post pictures...I need to take more pictures actually! I will take some at Lilianna's birthday on Friday. We are not having a party - we are just going to Fox's Pizza with the neighbors and having cake.

Still waiting to hear from Beacon House about whether we are acceptable adoptive parents! Hope the answer is yes. They still need to talk to our references...only one of my friends has gotten back with her so far...move it guys! haha. Likely I will finish up all of the homestudy update stuff this weekend so we can get it rolling next week if we are approved. Then we can officially start looking for new bunk beds or loft things for the girls' room.

by the way...the boys are doing much better sleeping in the same room. At least I have been sooooo completely exhausted that I don't hear anyone crying at night.

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