Saturday, July 25, 2009

sloww down....

Dude...I am never going to try to fit that much overtime into one week again...I am still tired!

Today the brood went to the UAB international adoption clinic seminar for prospective adoptive parents. I pulled out my old school construction paper trifold and we loaded up the computers so we could pull up my two favorite HIV+ adoption websites (positively adopted and positively orphaned)...we had a couple of little handouts...and I even pulled up the Reeses Rainbow HIV Angel's adoption page and advocated for the little 4 year old boy in the Ukraine that I think is soooo totally cute.

I met a couple who is already in process to adopt 2 HIV+ kids from the Ukraine and I met a couple who has now added HIV to their acceptable special needs form for their adoption...and so i feel like today was successfull. Just to find one couple who would not have considered HIV if I hadn't done this is totally awesome. I really had just hoped to maybe plant a seed somewhere...I felt so lucky that someone shared with me that they had opened up their heart to allow for the possibility of adopting an HIV+ child. Now I am worried that I sound prideful...I am not trying to......

In other news....we moved the crib back into Zeb's room and for the first time in Benjamin's 13 months..he is sleeping in a crib and not a pack and play. We were going to put Benjamin in Lilianna's room with her...but since we have decided on adopting a girl this go round we will need the girls to bunk together. So Benjamin is in with Zeb. We wanted to avoid it because we thought they would keep each other awake. We are on night 2 of the Zeben all night cry-fest....turns out our first inclination about them keeping each other awake was pretty right on! I think we are going to give it another couple of nights and see if it settles out....part of it may be Ben sleeping in a new bed. We shall see!

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