Friday, July 10, 2009

To Ethica and Rachel...

I believe there must be a better way than to make our government the world's big brother. Families, agencies, birth countries have to step up and be made accountable. If agencies investigated thoroughly because of their ethics and not because of beuracratic requirements this discussion would not be happening would it. The US has become some sort of ethics dictator. Ethics are cultural and not black and white.

Obscure relatives looking for money, a misspelling on a piece of paperwork...all of those things will stop an adoption cold when there is too much bureaucracy - I think we all know that. If organizations spent more time, money, and energy doing things that directly benefitted orphaned children setting up foster care systems, providing skills training, paying for needed surgeries and orchestrating the logistics instead of paying for legislative battles to create more obstacles or to hold onto obstructive legislation the lives of the children would be better period. Imagine John Wright with UNICEF's budget.

My view may not be popular, but if an adoption is legal in my child's birth country...what gives the US the right to tell me my child can't come home with me? I think if you want to respect the culture of native countries you have to respect their autonomy and it cultural process that approved your adoption!

I know there are some adoptions that have not been ethical and they have made it through the system. It breaks my heart to read of parents who learn years after the fact that their children were kidnapped and not truly relinquished. I believe unethical people will always know how to work the system...there are not enough restrictions and laws to truly stop unethical people from figuring out a way around them. It is, however, the ethical people just trying to help children that get caught up in the misspelled paperwork confusing confusing that often times the embassy personnell doesn't even know the paperwork...and recently, in Thailand...they hadn't even created the forms adoptive parents needed to fill out! THESE are the children that get stuck in an orphanage.

Don't lose sight of the individual child desperately trapped in an orphanage without a family because of some grand idea that you can make some utopian society of ethical adoptions based on legislation and bureaucracy set up by OUR government.

Have you BEEN to the DMV?!

You need to hold the agencies accountable and as parents you are accountable FOR holding your agency accountable. You can not legislate personal accountability.

I have a personal interest in this legislation because my husband and I are talking (mostly I talk and he patiently listens to me!) about trying to adopt an HIV+ girl from Ghana. After the court in Ghana issues the adoption decree you have to wait upward of 2-3 months for a Ghanaian passport, then starting July 15, you have to wait 9 weeks for a sputum test to culture negative for TB before you can get your child's immigrant visa. If the Face Act were to pass, children can come home quicker and get necessary medical testing and treatment at home. An extra 4-5 months for a sick child could be the difference between life and death......
So, I am for the FACE ACT.

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The Stevens said...

I just had a meeting this morning with Holt, they had no idea about this FACE Act so I sent them the information as they agree, there needs to be change :)

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