Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adoption updates...

Ok...I initially started this blog a million years ago to kind of outline my journey to adopt Zeb...at the time there were literally 2 other public blogs on Kyrgyzstan adoptions. Since shortly after marrying Keith, we have been kicking around our next adoption and I know I have mentioned it very little on this blog.

Basically, we have been kind of waiting for things to start coming together to adopt from Beacon House in Ghana. So...here is an update.

We had to change homestudy agencies because Villa Hope will not update our homestudy to complete an independent adoption. I am relieved in so many ways to have ended our association with Villa Hope and as much as I would like to dedicate more than one post to my experiences with Villa Hope.....I won't. Please, please, please email me if you are considering using Villa Hope for any services and I will be happy to provide you a detailed account of our experiences with them in a very objective way. So we filled out an application with Lifeline Adoption and had all of our homestudy stuff sent from Villa Hope over there about a week ago...today I heard from our new social worker.....Yeah! I have heard nothing but good things about Lifeline and I know someone at work that is using lifeline for the third time - that says a lot.

We got some new documents to peruse today from Beacon House and they only have to talk to one more reference before they can start deciding whether or not to let us adopt from their home....so that is moving too....plus I get to use up my evening looking over paperwork stuff....yeah. I may have to go buy a new notebook tomorrow. The cute little notebook I bought this time last year when we were referred Aaron is falling apart.

Something about hearing from both Lifeline and Kelly at Beacon House has given me a little jolt of adoption adrenaline....that maybe we are close.

As a side note....I have become moderately obsessed with sisterlocks and am very excited about the whole thing.


Tapsalteerie said...

When we were pursuing the girls from ET I was all over the Carol's Daughter site plus the hair braiding tutorials on youTube!

Can't wait to hear more about this adoption!

Michelle said...

Did you check out sisterlocks?! They are pretty glamorous if you ask me! I can't wait to have more to share...we are still waiting on one more reference to talk to Kelly at Beacon House and then we have to wait for their decision. Although, I did buy a new, cute accordian folder holder thing that matches are adoption notebook to start organizing dossier stuff in!

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