Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 26

I have many blog posts to catch up on....pictures from Lilianna's birthday, and Zeb's Gotcha day. Pictures from our court date on Monday when Zeb was officially adopted by Keith and he officially became a Byrne-Cox...and a Zebastian vs Sebastian...but this post is Picture Free again...because I am too lazy to figure out how to hook up Keith's camera.

Today is National Equality Day for Women, Mother Theresa's birthday, and, more importantly, it is my anniversary (and Keith's too). We have been married for 2 whole years...although it seems like much longer and it seems like 10 minutes at the same time.

I told someone at work that tomorrow (now today) was our 2 year anniversary and she was amazed...because we still act like newleyweds. I am not sure how long we will act like goofy newleyweds...but I am thinking it will be a while.

He brought home some candy for me the other night while I was trying to complete a presentation....it was a reeses peanut butter candybar...not the cups...but a candybar like a caramello. We each tried a piece and I said....you know what this needs and he said yep...vanilla ice cream. He was right - that was exactly what I was thinking.

He knows when I am only acting tough and not feeling tough, he is supportive of all of my crazy schemes, he works so hard around the house and provides so much to me and our kids...and I am talking about time, affection, and energy. We have crazy dreams together and have this wonderfull little world where our dreams are not totally unreachable.

I feel so lucky to be married to my husband and on this subject....there really is no way for me to string the words together in a way to aptly describe how wonderfull it is to be his wife. I am just crazy in love with my husband...what can I say!?


Tapsalteerie said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have many many more happy times and adventures together!

Jackie said...

You could've at least told me to bring Kleenex :) Happy Anniversary to you both. I really cannot believe it's been 2 years...I remember you sharing when/how you first met. Time sure flies.

Mala said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Seriously, time is just flying by too fast.

Tomorrow is Joe and I's 10th anniversary. I should probably plan something (yeah, we're REALLY not in the newlywed mode anymore - ha ha)

Michelle said...

Thanks y'all it is so funny that I have had this blog longer than I have had my husband! Mala..I think the 10th anniversary is the corona/guitar hero anniversary so you are all set! Happy anniversary to you!

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