Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i know...u can tell I am off of work today...

I know....3rd post of the day. We went to our favorite Mexican Food restaurant for dinner. On the way home, Lilianna asked when she was going to be big enough to not ride in the car seat.

Our neighbor takes her Kindergarten daughter, Lilianna (1st grade) and her other 5th grade daughter to school in the morning. Evidently, the Kindergartener doesn't have to ride in a car seat and Lilianna does.
I told her that as long as she fit in a car seat with 5 point restraint...she would be in a car seat...she asked when....I replied.....until you are 30.
Keith added until she was 35 at which point she could start dating.
Then Lilianna asked....Am I almost 35?

It will get here soon enough that is for sure!


Shannon said...

Phew - glad to know E isn't the only kid out there who will be in a 5 point harness until he's 30! The kid's STILL only 27.8lbs at 3 1/4 yrs old.

The Stevens said...

YES IT WILL.......

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