Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lilianna Coconut..

Today at church, Lilianna moved up from the 5K class to the elementary school class in sunday school. So this is the big leagues...if you will. It is first grade through 5th grad altogether for the first 30 minutes and then they break into small groups that is age and gender specific. I went to a women's I love that it is gender least for now.

She was a little shy when we dropped her off...but the new teachers were able to lure her in with sugar....yummm little sweet rolls. We were a little worried....if you take an anxious lilianna and add sugar the result is generally not good.

I went to pick her up and she had been problems...she said goodby to everyone...gave hugs to everyone...and then it started. I heard "bye coconut" like 20 times by like all different people from all the different classes and lilianna was saying bye to all of them. I asked Lilianna...why are they calling you coconut? She said when they introduced themselves she said her name was Lilianna but wanted everyone to call her coconut.
I put a lot of time into creating her name...I love her name....but from now on...she is going to be coconut. That is just too cute to ever go away.

We walked out into the parking lot toward the car and teachers from other classes and kids were yelling out their car windows..."bye coconut".

Either Lilianna will regret this whole coconut thing the rest of her school age life...or it will get her elected prom queen or class president.

When Lilianna was 2 years old she had a pet tupperware container full of water. .. yes that's right. She filled a small tupperware container with water..put the lid on it and carried it around with her. It had a name and everything. My mom called and asked me if I could remember the name of her pet tupperware container of water and I couldn't. That made me realize I need to do a better job and recording the kids and their funny silly things...because that is the kind of stuff I want to remember...that is the kind of stuff I will want to see when I cruise back through this blog in 15 years. I want to remember how in the world Lilianna got the nickname coconut.


Tapsalteerie said...

That's too cute! I've been trying to do better about recording things that the kids say (thus the Quoted post I did a while back) as I've forgotten some things that I know was sooo funny, but can't remember!

Michelle said...

it is amazing how quickly you forget cute kid things that you think you will never...ever forget. I have totally got to do better...and boy were there a lot of typos in this post...ouch!

Shannon said...

That is absolutely adorable! What a ham! You're right - it is too easy to forget all the things you think you never will forget.

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