Friday, August 28, 2009

Lilianna's school

Today Lilianna had a school booster fun run event thing-y. The kids were brainwashed into believing they needed to call relatives and get money donated to them for their school. I am all for giving to good causes...but I have different priorities of where our donation money should go....anyway...that is a gripe i will mostly keep to myself.

It was raining so they set up the gym with a big blowup cave thing and a small track. They played loud dance-ish music and the kids ran around in circles with teachers marking off on the back of their tshirts as they made a was very well organized.

Then...a Hanna Montana song came on....oh the jumping and singing along. I I often do at big my little baby is getting. Yes...I know I have other little babies...and when they are in first grade singing along to pre-teen dribble....I will probably get all weepy too. She is just growing into such a big girl. I didn't bring my it would matter since I have some sort of pathologic aversion to actually downloading pictures...but one of father's in Lilianna's class also is very active in O's cub scout pack took some pictures of her for me. He waved at her and told to to smile and she did this enormously teen age half smile and acknowledgment was hysterical.

She ran 28 laps...well she probably ran about 20 of them and walked about 8 of them...stopping at the water fountain in the middle of each of the last 10 or so.

After the fun run her class was scheduled for lunch so I stayed to have lunch with her. Their fun run ran into their scheduled lunch time so we went to the cafeteria for our lunch and then bought it back to her class room to eat. It turns out the neighbor 2 houses down from us is actually in lilianna's class.

One of the boys in her class also goes to our church and was in Lilianna's K class last year. While we were sitting in the class eating...he asked me if I was a nurse. I said that is close I am a doctor...and 2 other mom's go "OOOOOOOOO" in the snotty, 16 yo girl way...which is usually followed up with "aren't you special"...oozing with sarcasm and bile. I don't think her teacher was on of the people that said it...but I actually can't be sure.

I couldn't believe it. I have heard of other physicians that are mom's puposely not telling people they are doctor's because of this kind of reaction but I thought they were just being sensitive or something. I guarantee if I had been a dad eating lunch with my daughter and said I was a doctor - I would not have gotten that same response.

I have worked really hard and it sucks to be made to feel small like that. I am going to have Keith go beat them up.

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