Sunday, August 16, 2009

When Zeb is NOT cute!

About a week ago, Zeb started climbing into the crib with Benjamin during the middle of the night.

We initially had a really hard time getting Z to sleep in his bunk bed instead of his crib...he would just cry and point at the crib. So finally we had to take the crib was totally down for almost 2 months and then we put it back up and Ben started sleeping in it. Everything was fine for about a month...then last week.....Zeb was in the crib....with Benjamin basically underneath him. I have a theory that involves some regression around gotcha day...the question is how are we supposed to handle it. Our first response was probably not the best...we scolded him for getting in the just isn't safe for a 2 year old to crawl up into a crib in the middle of the night and climb ontop of his 1 year old brother!

However, now we have to decide what to really do.....Keith thinks we can babyproof the bottom bunk of the bunkbed and move Benjamin over there and let Z get back into the crib for awhile. I also thought we could put up the pack and play again in Lilianna's room or down in O's room (when O is not here of horrifying for an almost-teen ager to share one of his rooms with a baby....ack!).

We did clean up Lilianna's room so it is no longer a frightening pit of a million toys....but there isn't really enough room in her bedroom for a pack and play and ummmm...a 6 year old.

Any suggestions?

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