Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where does the time go!

So we have not had cable/direct tv at our house for about a year now I think...and I can't...for the life of me figure out when we used to have time to watch tv. Seriously - where in the world did we ever find time to watch tv.

Sometimes we watch something on Hulu before bed - but that is about it.

Oh yeah...we do spend a ridiculous amount of time "researching" things online...hahaha...research!

We breifly talked about resubscribing to direct tv after I start making doctor money...but we soooo don't miss it.

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Julie and John Wright said...

I hear ya... I live in the country, and most forms of TV are not an option, and I certainly could not afford satalite... then we got our appartment in KG. It came with a satilite dish... well if someone had it on I might watch it, but after living there for 9 months, I came to a starteling realization when the kids went home.... I have absolutly no idea how to even turn the stupid thing on.... I have to wait till one of the kids from the orphange is there to show me how to work it...lol... The other thing that I did figure out is that 10 munites of the Televangelists that flood the chanels, and I need to be saved all over again....UHG

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