Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I thought that Zeb just missed his crib or wanted to be the baby...maybe some sort of regression. Last night we put Zeb in his bed and put up the pack and play and put Ben to sleep in the pack and play.

This morning...Zeb was in the pack and play with Ben. He just wants to sleep with Ben - it has nothing to do with the crib itself.

Now how to fix the situation.mmm. Suggestions?

I hate the idea of separating the boys but I also hate the idea of Zeb falling on top of Benjamin - Z is a big boy!

It is a work in progress


Cindy LaJoy said...

let 'em sleep together!! Fmailies have done it for centuries without fear of smothering ;-)

Shannon said...

I'm sorry - that cracks me up! I don't know that I'd let them sleep together, either - Ben's such a peanut. I'm sure he's not as fragile as we think, but I'm paranoid that way. Maybe if YOU crawl in the Pack n Play with them and you three sleep together you can ensure everyone's safety. :)

Michelle said...

i am 100% sure that pack and play would buckle under the weight of my rapidly expanding ummmm heart. I wish I felt comfortable letting them sleep together...I just imagine all of the terrible things that could happen.

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