Saturday, September 12, 2009

buying in bulk

I have had a couple of weeks of a really light work has been nice. One afternoon I went to costco and did some shopping...I always spend too much....but I really enjoy buying in bulk. As I was pulling my minivan into the parking lot of costco...I saw all of the other minivans in the parking lot and realized that very soon...we were probably going to need a bigger car.

As I was shopping..I had to stop myself from buying too much in the frozen foods section because we don't have one of these freezers .... yet.

My favorite part of going to costco is coming home and filling up the pantry with the dry is like an entire closet of canned food and dry goods. Pretty soon we will have a freezer to fill up too.

We had our home visit last Tuesday for our homestudy update...we have to wait for that and then submit it to DHR...get their approval...and then get USCIS to update our I797...and then our dossier will be in the mail.

I had a very interesting conversation with Lilianna yesterday too....she asked how come Keith was Zeb's real dad and Ben's real dad...but not her real dad. It is much easier to talk to kids about biologic mothers than it is biologic fathers. She doesn't ever remember a time when her dad was even in the same city as her so I am sure it doesn't make much sense to a 6 year old. I think I handled it ok ...Suggestions?!

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Shannon said...

On the freezer - hurry up and get one. We're only a family of 3 and I don't know what I'd do without mine. Our yearly organic quarter of beef takes up a third of it!

On L - I think you handled it fine. That's a tough situation especially since Zeb was just adopted by Keith. She's a bright girl to figure out stuff like that. :)

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