Monday, September 21, 2009

Camping and a Halloween party!

Yes...we went camping again. A 14 month old, a 2yr old, a 6 yr old, a 9 yr old, and a mom that hates all bugs....we went camping. Dad was a little smarter this time and rented us a nice KOA cabin - which was AWESOME. It had A/C and lights...bunk beds in a separate room and a queen in the front room. There was a little porch with a porch swing. It rained all weekend...except for the 2 hours or so we were bike riding on Sunday.

By this time you probably know I don't have any pictures because I am terrible at taking pictures or downloading them. This weekend we totally forgot the camera all together!

We went on a 7.7 mile bike ride and I still have some part of my knee that is intermittently shooting pain up my leg in retaliation.

Keith pulled th boys in their little trailer and Lilianna has a little wee rider co-pilot that hooks onto the back of my it looks kind of like a tandem bike only the back part is half size. O is a big boy and was all on his own. It was very fun.

Lilianna is so apprehensive about new things she was virtually in tears when we started and about 40 seconds later she was "can we do this every day?!"

My father taught me many very important Lilianna got to experience my favorite thing that my dad taught me...the bankers holiday. Lilianna stayed home with me and we hung out today. We went shopping for her halloween party and for the bake sale I am baking for this Sunday. Then we had some starbucks and went to burger king play area for lunch.

Now I am making her Halloween party invitations (at least the back half). They are foam pumpkins that come with glitter and black and green stickers to decorate. She is decorating them and I am putting the party info on the back and tying a black spider ring on the stem with green ribbon.

I also rented a supercool moonwalk for the party....
Lilianna didn't get a birthday party I am overcompensating with the Halloween party. I am going to make it a party for everyone though...Lilianna's friends, neighborhood kids, people from work and church and O's friends if his mom will let him! I figure there will be a lot of different things going on since Halloween is on a Saturday...but if we invite a lot of people and have a moonwalk...hopefully someone will come!

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