Friday, September 25, 2009

My messy house

I have had the easiest work month....and have just sputtered it away doing unplanned - non-board studying things and now it is over. I am soooo sad. Monday I start working for real on a rotation where I have to take call. I sooooo don't miss call.

I was up late last night trying to make candy for the first time ever for a bake sale on Sunday. I will definitely take pictures of the final products if I can find a camera. It is not as easy to make candy as it looks...and I bought all of the stuff that is supposed to make it me.

My house is a mess and there are dirty candy molds everywhere...I can't bear to start the cleaning I thought I would type up a little bloggy blog post. Nothing really to say.

I was thinking today how different the entire waiting adoption process is this time around. With Zeb's adoption my waiting days were filled with emails to Shannon (ok that hasn't changed!) and Tina (who is too crafty to hang out with me online now! - hahaha), and 20 posts a day to the yahoo forum about shopping and the minute details of everyone's waiting and moving etc. Now I really don't have anything to post about during the whole waiting know we are just waiting. During Zeb's adoption...I had a lot more to say. Now I am just a wisened old hand at international adoptions I supposed ( I can say wisened because I have some gray hair on the left front side of my head).

I took Benjamin to the Dr's today and he is 14 months and weighs 19.8 pounds...I am pretty sure that is still small although he is turning into a little chubmeister. He is cruising but not yet walking and not saying more than mama, dada, bye, and he says 3. MOstly he says three because we always count before we do something fun like spin him around, throw him up in the air or tickle know and he is excited to get to the fun part. He is officially .2 pounds from forward facing.....ummm....someone feed him something quick!


Shannon said...

...and Thank God for all those emails!! I'll have you know the entire top, left side of my head has gone grey over the last three years. Hmmmmm.....could we be suffering from the same affliction? Glad to hear Ben's getting chubby. Hearing his stats, as he is a small US baby, really puts K's stats into perspective. She is nearly the same age as Ben, but can't sit up, crawl or stand, and weighs only about 11 1/2 lbs. Ugh - I sure hope we both have SOMETHING to post about soon! As for your house - the dirt will always be there tomorrow! :)

Shannon said...
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