Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ok first picture is at the railroad museum in was a fun day was hot though. After seeing a bunch of old decrepit trains (with much climbing) we went on a very nice train ride (full size train...not some wussy zoo train) and it started to pour down rain which was also very nice (seriously...the breeze was great)
Second picture is the new trailor the babies ride in behind Keith's bike...they had sooo much fun...although you can't really tell by this picture! Zeb was singing at the top of his lungs and Benjamin was just howling with laughter...the loudest kids on the bike trail for sure.
Last picture is at an outdoor concert we went to in Pell city where they had bunches of free junk food....yay. All of these were on different days...I am just trying to catch up!

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Shannon said...

That looks like a lot of fun stuff! That Train museum is EXACTLY like the one we went to last week. Crazy!

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