Sunday, September 27, 2009

oops and wow

we can't find our camera so there were no pictures of my amazing candy creations for the bake sale today...but they were amazing. The only thing that made it home were my chocolate chip scones and one tin of bark candy...lucky me....yummm!

We may about $1500 can you believe that?! Almost all of it will go towards sponsoring orphans in Sudan with Makeway Partners. Who knew bake sales were so profitable?!

The remaining bake sale items will be at at Garage Sale this coming weekend. I won't be there because Keith and I are going to a small conference in Tennesee and because garage sales are like my kryptonite.

I had a garage sale once right before I moved to Az to go to medical school and someone started haggling with me over paying a dollar for one of the Harry Potter books...she said that she would only pay 10 cents for a paperback book. So I stood up, grabbed the book out of her hand and started shouting...Garage sale is over put down my junk and get out of my yard. I kicked that bitty out of my yard and donated everything to good will....and swore I would never have another garage sale...and I won't.


Tapsalteerie said...

LOL I don't do garage/yard sales either. Not worth the effort and I'd rather just donate the items to a local charity instead. I don't really go to yard sales either... except for that time I was out on an early morning hack through the neighborhood on the backside of our woods and happened upon a yardsale just getting started (it was before 7am) so I did have a browse (from horseback) but I swear I did it more for the amusement/fear on the faces of the people than for any desire to buy broken trinkets.

Congrats on the bake sale! Did you make chocolate candies or sugar ones?

Mala said...

Ha! Taps rules! Yard-saling via horseback! Even I haven't attempted that.

Your yardsale story made me laugh. hard!

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