Friday, October 30, 2009

how long must we sing this song... Keith and I decided we wanted to adopt again like in August of 2007. It feels like this is the interminable adoption that will never end. Seriously. First we had to wait a year after our wedding so that ALabama would approve us...then Kyrgyzstan closed down and we waited a while on that and then just is feeling like a chore and it is not the awesome exciting fun it should be. I am hoping that when things really start moving it will be fun again.

In the meantime...I get to live vicariously though others and I am excited to do that! Sometime...hopefully soon....we will emerge from the abyss of waiting and gathering and regathering paperwork. UGG.

In the meantime we all dressed up on Wed night for trunk or treat at church and I do believe some pictures were actually taken..which will be posted with the halloween post.
Tomorrow is Lilianna's halloween party and I have a bunch of frosting and decorating to do. Must get on it!

Just thought I would take a minute to complain ... now I am all better!

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