Saturday, October 24, 2009

The kids this week...

I really need to start taking more pictures...this may be my new year's resolution when we get there!

Lilianna has been taking singing lessons for the last 3 weeks and totally loves it. She is having a recital sometime in the spring - her teacher puts songs on a cd and we listen to it and sing in the car a we drive places. The first song she worked on was "Tomorrow" from Annie...which she loves. Zeb loves it too and he belts out the song louder than you can is sooooo funny to hear him singing "tomorrow...tomorrow lubluuh tomorrow". I think he loves to sing at least as much as Lilianna. L has also been doing really good with her behavior at school...always an issue for a spunky, chatty, energetic little lilianna. She got her report card last week and they now get letter grades and she got an A in conduct...granted it was a 90%...but an A is an A! One of her vocabulary words this week was "chatty". We have her make up sentences to help her with the words...and the sentence for chatty was "I am very chatty". It was the most accurate sentence she has come up with for any vocabulary word!

Zeb is talking sooo much better. Now HE is chatty and with words we can understand about 60% of the time. He stiill drops off the last consonent of a lot of words...but we are working on it. He is also figuring out that we are serious about good manners and using Please and thank you...he is great with the thank you's but the please's have been a challenge. He also got a new sponge bob bed tent to try to help him go to sleep at night. He is still very unhappy with going to bed. Part of the reason is that by the time we get to bed he is soooo tired. He doesn't climb into the crib at all...but he does sometimes end up sleeping on the floor next to it. I think the bed tent is helping was a great idea I stole from another blogger! He runs around like a little boy these days instead of a church he is always racing behind Lilianna saying "I wanna go wit leeeeleeee". S o cute!

Benjamin got his first haircut this week. J, one of our babysitters across the street is a hairstylist and has been dying to cut his hair...and dying to cut it all Benjamin has spikey little hair. I think J puts styling gel in it every day when we take him over there! He is finally starting to look less like a baby and more like a toddler. He is walking a little but he still prefers to crawl...he is sneakier that way and can get into more trouble! He has been running a fever for the last day and a half...I figure he is on his way to flu-city. We are just giving him tylenol and motrin and lots of fluids. No other symptoms yet...although he seems a little run down.

O had open house this week too and he is sooo just like his dad! His journal at school was all about being a scientist and rocket designer. I joked that Keith and O could build a weather balloon and we could launch it from the back kids allowed in it though! Unfortunately, a weather balloon isn't as cool as a rocket so no takers on that idea.

parents....who really cares about us! haha. I am still looking for a job and soon I am sure I will post in despair at the job prospects! I am still holding it together at this point though. Keith is busy planning the new ginormous, over the top as only he can do it....playground. We staked out how much of the backyard it will take up and it is like our entire backyard. Go big or Go home - that's my husband!

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