Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Guess whose homestudy is going to DHR tomorrow for approval? It took 5 days last time....we shall see what happens. We have been on a 5 month spending spree and have definitely not saved up the money we needed to save up. So I need to hit the moonlighting circuit in a big way. Theoretically, we could be waiting on our updated I797 by this time next week. Of course, DHR could take up to 2 months to make a decision and then they may not even approve the changes and send it back for more documentation. In any case...something is I get to wait for something new....which is always exciting.

We also had our first orphan care/adoption ministry meeting at church tonight and 6 people showed up...which was far and away more than I expected. It was really great - I could not have asked for it to go better.

Job search.....again....anyone know an anesthesiology group near Birmingham that wants a new graduate with a heart for orphans? I didn't think so.....UG!

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