Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretend this is dated September 30th.......

So today is September 30th.......and Benjamin took his first steps. Yeah! We were sitting in the boys' room before bed. Keith always reads a Thomas the Train story before bed and the kids jockey for my lap or crawl around and pretend they are dogs....don't ask!

Bejamin just stood up holding onto my hands and then let go. His eyes got super big (which is saying a lot because this boy has some great big blue peepers) and he took about 5 steps. Then he looked at his hands and said something loud (who knows what it was!) and he sat down.

So I scooped him up and everyone said yeah Ben. For the next 10 minutes or so he would stand up and start clapping. So he has been doing 2-3 step things all week and yesterday......the first big tumble.....yeah Ben!

It was at Ms Dee's house and involved a walker, a nose, and a 2 year old Kyrgyz boy screaming....Ben's blood augh. According to Ms Dee, Zeb was very, very, very concerned about Ben's blood being on the floor. That is my little OCD, wipee toting boy. Zeb was freaking out until all of the blood was cleaned up off the floor. Neither of the boys was very concerned about the actual injury......except Mom who got the phone call at work!

I am not particularly fond of pushing, walker-y things....I personally believe they act as a crutch (like literally) so it takes longer for kids to develop their core muscles and start walking on their own. An opinion that is not so much based in literature...just based on my mommy gestalt. We don't have any.....but I am ok with them at the babysitter's house.

However, we did a bowel resection on someone last night who was on a hammock and the tree the hammock was attached to fell over on them...so everyone with a score card at home....please move hammocks attached to trees over to the random things that my kids can't do.


Shannon said...

Yeah Ben! Isn't it the greatest to see the excitement and wonder in their eyes when they do something for the first time?!

This is the first I've heard of Zeb's OCD. E has the worst OCD I've ever seen in a child. If he sees dirt it has to be cleaned up immediately. Weird!

Mala said...

GO BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bowel resection?! And now I'll forever be paranoid of hammocks!

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