Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rainy saturday

ok...we found the camera...but didn't bring it with us on our rainy saturday trip to the Galleria (Mall). We figured we would kill some some lunch at the food court and maybe play some ping pong at the crazy ping pong, pool table, pinball store...and we did all of those things. But we also spent $30 and let O, Zeb and Lilianna jump on the bungy-trampoline monster in this picture....of course it was inside the mall not in the parking lot.
O went first and was hesitant at first then started jumping pretty hard. Lilianna talked about doing it for weeks...she wanted to do it the last time we were at the mall. There was a little girl (like a 3 yr old) jumping when we got there and the carnie (for lack of a better word!) was grabbing the little straps on her harness and pulling her down hard so she would sproing way up into the air....Lilianna saw that and made the carnie promise that he would not touch her harness thing. It was totally funny. She started jumping out really slow and low and the carnie guy kept surreptitiously raising up the bungie arms so she wouldn't notice it....until Lilianna was jumping as high as the second story of the mall. I will be honest....I didn't think she would do it. As soon as he was putting the harnass on...she got that terrified look of backing out that she can get when faced with something new. My little girl is not much of a risk taker at this stage in her life! But she did it and she did great.

Zeb on the other a little daredevil. He spent the entire time jumping as high as mechanically possible and squealing with delight. The carnie guy tried to show Zeb how to do flips but he didn't quite catch on to that. Zeb had the entire rail on the 2nd story filled up with spectators going.."Oh how cute". We will definitely have to keep our eye on him!

If only we had the camera!

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