Thursday, October 15, 2009

SO Sad!

I don't consider myself a voyeur...but there are some blogs I love to follow because I find these people's lives completely amazing and inspiring! Some of them, I barely know - I may have emailed them a couple of times or even talked on the phone to them once or twice.

I like to follow the blog of a woman, who is the HIV+ coordinator for AAI. She has a super amazing life and family and has really just stepped out on faith, and I find glimpses into their life not only inspiring...but kind of instructional. They have lost of kids and we are on our way to having lots of kids so it is sooooo helpful to see how she does things. Honestly, there are some things I could come up with by myself...but why shouldn't I learn from others too?

Anyway...this morning I clicked on the link to her blog and it was password protected. I was so sad because I have learned a lot from her and I will miss her posts on large families and I will miss her posts on living with HIV+ kids. I totally understand the desire to keep family goings on in the family...and I am totally like a tv viewer or something. But I will miss reading their blog!

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Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

I totally get this. It's happened to me several times and each time I go back and forth over just emailing to ask for the password or moving on. There's like one where I have the password now but the rest? Gone to me :( The worst was when a whole blog went missing right after she'd received her referral! I didn't even get to see a picture! Waaaa!

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