Saturday, October 3, 2009

Together for Adoption Conference

Keith and I just got back from the Together for Adoption Conference in Franklin, Tenn and it was sooooooo completely wonderfull...I must have cried like once every hour I was there. There were so many people sharing moving stories about their adoptions or about what has motivated them for orphan care. There were a number of great exhibitors.

I will post a run down on them tomorrow...I totally need to get to sleep. I talked to so many really interesting people with so much motivation for helping orphans. It was a really invigorating weekend. It was also soooo wonderfull to see so many multiracial families in one place. I saw one woman with a little one from Uganda who had a bacpack type sling for wearing him on her back. I loved it! Speaking of Uganda...I know everyone who reads this blog has checked out amizima by now....but she has a booster club of sorts called 147 million orphans and I spent like $100 buying their super cute things.

It was kind of like seeing the rock stars of orphan care and adoption ministries in person. I met people from Project Hopefull, from the Abba Fund, from Focus on the Family, from Show Hope. It was really fun.

Anyway, I will write more on it tomorrow after I get some sleep! It was really great. I am renewed!

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TheHappyNeills said...

so good to meet you and chat with you guys at the conference! i've been praying today for a certain little 6 yr old :)

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