Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zebby is 3!

Zebby's birthday cake...ok it is really one of those totally uncouth cupcake puzzle cakes...with MandM's around the windows and in the candy loaded car. I would not say it was by best cake...but I have started using home made buttercream frosting and that totally rocks.
The kids are singing Happy Birthday to Zeb...all day he would say "when are we going...'happy birthday to Zeb'" singing the song in his booming ...all in ..kind of way.

I don't know if the 3rd birthday is the official train birthday..but it was in our house. There were like 12 gifts of thomas the train. He was very was dad...who gets to play with more trains now. We had a really great birthday and a great day. One of our best birthdays yet and it was just us at home with the neighbors...we are learning!


This first picture is in Kentucky...evidently we only took like 4 pictures and 2 of them were of this suspension foot bridge over the Big Sandy River.

This is us out hiking a couple of weeks was very fun. Zeb fell down and hurt his hand and is still milking it...needing a bandaid for it like everyday. These are my 2 drama queens for least the only 2 that are home right now!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I need a camera! and other assorted news...

Yes...if only to take a picture of myself to prove to y'all that I haven't totally disappeared off of the face of the earth! We have been really busy the last 2 weeks.

Our trip to kentucky was awesome. We do have pictures...but they are on Keith's camera which I can never find or figure out how to download. I will be pleasantly requesting a photo download tonight so I can post everything...we have some picture of Kentucky, some pictures of us going on a little family hike at a place in town called "the preserve".

Kentucky was beautiful. We went to Eastern Kentucky - Pikeville to be exact and the drive was very picturesque. Lots of mountains, hills, rivers, trees....a whole lot of fun things to look at as we drove. The town of Pikeville, itself, appears to be everything a small town should be. There are beautiful old buildings downtown that are very well maintained -for the most part. There are also some new buildings that blend in very nicely. There are a lot of parks in town with new playing equipment. There is a small college with an osteopathic medical school attached to it.

I was there looking at a is true...and the hospital was very, very nice. The OR's were in a new part of the building that was built in 2000 and they looked great - they were spacious with new equipment...even electronic charting. The call is basically every 8 days for first call (which is mostly OB stuff) and every 8 days for second call which is to do a heart. They do like 200-ish hearts a year. Everybody was very nice, the pay is very good, and the job itself looks really good. We shall see what happens there! I will keep you posted.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of last Sunday. Last Sunday we had some guests over that had adopted from the Ukraine and from Foster care here in St Clair County. All in all, there were 29 peeps in my house - 9 adults and 20 kids. It was so much fun. All of the games in our basement were being utilized to their fullest potential. Air hockey, stick hockey, skee ball, foosball, and even the playstation were rocking (literally for the playstation and RockBand!). Keith grilled his famous ribs, I made some mashed potatoes (like 10lbs of potatoes) and brownies and every family brought a couple of items. It was sooo much fun. I was so happy to see all of our crap downstairs getting used. I wish I would have taken pictures. Oh well...maybe next time.

Probably the most exciting news is the news I saved for last...we got our referral last Thursday. Beacon house doesn't want lots of info posted on blogs about referrals....but I will say it is a girl and another girl...we will be very Brady bunch...with 3 of each. We have our dossier done...except I noticed on of the 3 originals of the Power of Attorney was stamped and filled out by the notary...but she forgot to sign it. So we couldn't mail it on Monday last week because she was out of town for the holidays. So hopefully we will mail it this monday. Then we wait for a court date.

We would really like to travel in January to visit and meet them for the first time...but we are a little short on the money side. As it stands we are waiting for our dependent childcare refund to pay the first half of our fees and I am afraid it is not going to make it in the 2 week time frame we have to come up with the fees....second to the whole holiday thing. We honestly weren't expecting a referral before we sent in our we hadn't stocked up on our money yet! We are hoping it either gets here in time or we win the lottery...which is tough when you live in a state without a lottery!

I will be honest...I am a little worried about travelling. I have not travelled outside of the US a whole to fact. So it is a little scary to me. I read blogs and see emails on yahoo forums of people doing it all the time and it seems like they are heading over to Walmart when they talk about it. So I shouldn't be worried and nervous about it....but I am. Guess I have to get over that! I am sure we will go and it will seem totally unreal that we are there and we will somehow survive and our newest bundles of joy will make it home.

When I adopted Zeb...getting the referral was so exciting because to my naive heart...your referral made it home to be your child. Now that I am jaded with my little Aaron sitting over in Belovodsk still...I guess I am a little apprehensive to start buying clothes, planning rooms etc. I am excited..but I am a tad stand offish from the excitement I wish I was feeling.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A total pain

Ok...some jokers are posting stupid stuff in my comment sections for posts like from 2 years ago. Y'all stink and now I have to do comment moderation because I don't want weird Viagra ads in my comment section. Like I am not busy enough! Geesh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kentucky? you all know...I am currently looking for a job. I have interviewed at 3 places and I know for sure that 2 of them are out. I am still waiting to hear about one of them and this weekend...Keith and I are going to Kentucky for an interview. All of the other interviews were here in Alabama. This time we are venturing out of Alabama. I am very excited about this interview...mostly because the kids are staying with our awesome babysitter and we are going to have 3 days and 2 nights of just me and Keith.

Effectively, this counts as our honeymoon.....I suppose I could have counted our one day trip to Franklin, Tenn for the Together for Adoption Conference...but it was for a conference. Well, technically we are stopping in for a conference in Louisville also...but that is beside the point.

On this Sunday....Nov 15.....I will be able to sleep in. Truly sleep in....get up out of bed whenever I want to...yes will be able to dictate the time in which I roll out of bed. I think that might be the most exciting part of the whole weekend. I say that now...but I think of Mala and her hotel misadventures with fire alarms....anything could happen!

Anyway....I am off of work today and tomorrow for the conference in Louisville and I am soooo excited to have time off. I feel like I need it just to get some things done.

We are headed to a small town for an interview at a regional medical I will let y'all know what happens. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat as to whether I actually get to sleep in on Sunday. HAHA.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One more step

Today our social worker called us to let us know that DHR approved our updated homestudy and forwarded it to USCIS on OCt we have really been waiting on USCIS for 2 weeks. I had been told that country updates were generally quicker than processing new I600A's so we shall see....the count started on Oct 26. I am not sure what to hope for considering the new change in processing that happened a couple of weeks ago. Our original approval took 10 weeks almost if it takes 10 weeks that will put us in the first week of!

Our update will come from our regional USCIS in Atlanta instead of going through the new central processing site in Texas.

My dream of having a new little adoption tax credit for 2009 is slowly ticking away. There is still time! hahaha not really!

I looked back on my blog to figure out how long our USCIS approval took and it was very depressing to be reminded that we are still waiting for Aaron to come home. I remember starting the process in August of 2008 thinking he would be home way before Christmas of this year....I was using Christmas 2009 as the worst case scenario...HA! Little did I know!

There will be a Christmas when he is home with us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ann Taylor Loft

I went shopping yesterday afternoon for something business casual - ly at Ann Taylor Loft...I used to really like shopping there but now everything is all woolly, big sweater -y....not really my thing. Anyway...I was trying clothes on and overheard the following comment.

"I have so many outfits I could make cute if i just had a jean jacket"

OK....if they are not cute now...there is no magical jean jacket that is going to transform your wardrobe into a vortex of cuteness.

Just my thought on the super power (or lack thereof) of a jean jacket.

Monday, November 2, 2009


dad isn't smiling in all of these pictures... I am sure he is smiling on the least the parts that aren't crushed by Zeb's feet!
The action photo of the actual tackle dad moment was a blur of little hands a feet...even blurrier than all of these other pictures!
Lilianna spent most of Saturday night trying to figure out when we could rent the moonwalk again! The best $200 we have spent in a long time.

Ready for the party

It wasn't a big party...only one person came from lilianna's class...but 2 kids came from church and the neighbors there were 5 guests - Lil and Zeb running around and lots of left over candy and cupcakes. yes it was chilly and rained in the morning so there were some puddles of water on the moonwalk's roof that would occasionally pour down as the kids were jumping. Overall...I think the party was a great are below. I know I had fun.

Scooby Doo Moonwalk the inside story...Lilianna

Lilianna kept screaming while she was jumping the moonwalk "this is the bestest day of my life ever"....yes she is a drama queen...but it is always nice to get some positive feedback from your kids. It is only about 7 more years before I start ruining her life on a daily i have to stock up on these moments!

Scooby Doo Moonwalk - the inside story Zebastian

Zeb has another big old bruise on his noggin where he fell down at trunk or treat...just in time for family pictures again this year!

Scooby Doo Moonwalk...the inside story Benjamin

Keith's camera is a little certainly has nothing to do with my photo skills (right!). although I was bouncing that adds a difficulty factor

Halloween Party

Our decorations were a little skimpy...a couple of halloween garlands and a fake spider web...but i did make spooky treats...mostly spooky because the faces on the pumpkins cupcakes bled into the cake in a really gross way..see below
The jumping castle was a huge success...we started jumping at around 10am and stopped for lunch at 1130...then started jumping again until the party started at 1....eveyone jumped for most of the 2 hours...then after the party we jumped .... and I am going to post some photos of family jumping time. The kids were asleep by like 7pm and still tired on Sunday from all of the jumping.....genius child wearer-outers...thats what they should be called!

The treats....the ghost brownie tins were delicious...well the tins weren't delicious...but the brownies were. i bought some of the wilton's fudge brownie frosting and warmed it up in the microwave for 60 seconds and spooned it on the brownies was so good and glace. Yes, I know it is not some well kept secret how to frost brownies...but I never knew how...I am very excited about it...I may eat one for breakfast right now.


Here are the kids at Trunk or Treat on Wednesday night. Ilove Zeb's rapping zebzilla can see a hint of me in the background in my Mrs Incredible costume.
We were going to do a trunk but i just couldn't get off of work at 3, pick up and costume the kids and make it to the church by 430...I am trying to learn how to NOT overschedule myself...boy is it hard!

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