Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Party

Our decorations were a little skimpy...a couple of halloween garlands and a fake spider web...but i did make spooky treats...mostly spooky because the faces on the pumpkins cupcakes bled into the cake in a really gross way..see below
The jumping castle was a huge success...we started jumping at around 10am and stopped for lunch at 1130...then started jumping again until the party started at 1....eveyone jumped for most of the 2 hours...then after the party we jumped .... and I am going to post some photos of family jumping time. The kids were asleep by like 7pm and still tired on Sunday from all of the jumping.....genius child wearer-outers...thats what they should be called!

The treats....the ghost brownie tins were delicious...well the tins weren't delicious...but the brownies were. i bought some of the wilton's fudge brownie frosting and warmed it up in the microwave for 60 seconds and spooned it on the brownies was so good and glace. Yes, I know it is not some well kept secret how to frost brownies...but I never knew how...I am very excited about it...I may eat one for breakfast right now.

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