Monday, November 9, 2009

One more step

Today our social worker called us to let us know that DHR approved our updated homestudy and forwarded it to USCIS on OCt we have really been waiting on USCIS for 2 weeks. I had been told that country updates were generally quicker than processing new I600A's so we shall see....the count started on Oct 26. I am not sure what to hope for considering the new change in processing that happened a couple of weeks ago. Our original approval took 10 weeks almost if it takes 10 weeks that will put us in the first week of!

Our update will come from our regional USCIS in Atlanta instead of going through the new central processing site in Texas.

My dream of having a new little adoption tax credit for 2009 is slowly ticking away. There is still time! hahaha not really!

I looked back on my blog to figure out how long our USCIS approval took and it was very depressing to be reminded that we are still waiting for Aaron to come home. I remember starting the process in August of 2008 thinking he would be home way before Christmas of this year....I was using Christmas 2009 as the worst case scenario...HA! Little did I know!

There will be a Christmas when he is home with us.

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Mala said...

ugh! Hang in there.
Congrats on at least being another step closer.

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