Monday, November 2, 2009

Ready for the party

It wasn't a big party...only one person came from lilianna's class...but 2 kids came from church and the neighbors there were 5 guests - Lil and Zeb running around and lots of left over candy and cupcakes. yes it was chilly and rained in the morning so there were some puddles of water on the moonwalk's roof that would occasionally pour down as the kids were jumping. Overall...I think the party was a great are below. I know I had fun.


Shannon said...

Looks like a GREAT party. And gosh - what are you feeding these kids? Or, maybe you just don't post pictures often enough. ;)

Shea Black said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! And WOW Ben! I think the last pic he was all baby and now he's all toddler-y looking! Amazing!

Michelle said...

i know i know...I don't post enough pictures! I will try harder next year! Brutal crowd! haha.

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