Friday, December 11, 2009


OK. On monday morning we (by that I mean Keith) was manipulating our finances to determine exactly how much money we needed to make in the next 2 weeks to finish paying the first half of the girls' adoption. Basically, I needed to work 32 hours before next thursday. In a really amazing way...extra shifts popped up and I had worked over half of it by Wednesday morning and today at 7pm...I reached 32 hours. Yeah!

The flip side to that is that I am sitting at work waiting for my patient for my next case instead of home with Zeb and Lilianna sitting in the fort they made on the play room couch to watch Christmas movies. I got home and Z and L were hugging me standing around me downstairs...I was home for 3 minutes and got called back in for another case. The kids were not excited to see me go...although they were very excited to get to wave goodby to me through the garage door. They don't usually get to wave goodby. I was very, very, very sad to have to come back to work tonight.

I got here around 930pm and here I sit at 1030 waiting for the patient. I could have cuddled and watched rudolph the red nose reindeer...put the kids to bed and come back to work after they were asleep. UG!!!!!

I am very lucky that we have this opportunity to make extra money! In addition, Keith got a bonus (completely unexpected today) and we got a reimbursement of our mileage to go to Kentucky which was like twice what we expected. Our cup runneth over this I am cranky and sad about being at work so much this week...but feel and know I am incredibly lucky. This money falling out of the sky (kind of)...seems like reinforcement that the girls are supposed to be in our family.

Gonna go eat some more chocolate xmas candy to keep awake!


Tapsalteerie said...

So glad to hear that the finances are coming together! I remember with the boys it was just amazing how things always worked out.

Can understand being annoyed that you're at work and waiting. The weeks when Jim has school, clinical and work (which is pretty much every week) are really tough on all of us.

The Stevens said...

and that's why I love Anesthesia!!! Just wish my Anesthesia money would fall from the sky, these dang rotations are getting in the way!!! all seriousness, God always provides just in time!

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