Saturday, December 5, 2009

Exhausting...rambling weekend in mylife...

Friday, I picked up the kids at the babysitter's after work. It is always crazy when I go get the kids...they are all so excited to see me (which of course is awesome...but hard to get them moving in a forward motion towards home)...everyone starts talking to me...including Benjamin. Benjamin's talking at this point consists of very loud "AAAAAHHHH" with ball and cat interspersed for variety. Kids start taking off shoes to show me boo boo's...things start coming our of backpacks to show me something...jackets go flying in different directions...3year olds start running out the door with pants unbuttoned. Some days are more exhausting than others. Just picking them up on Friday about drained me for the entire weekend!

We headed over to Fox's Pizza...which is a pizza place with a small game room. The kids love to go there and play. The games give you tickets and then you can redeem like 400 tickets for a $2 toy. It has been our Friday night tradition to get take out from Fox's and watch movies. This Friday we decided to go to Fox's and play instead. Then we headed over to Home Depot to get a Christmas tree. I have to say there is a relationship between how freezing it is and the speed with which the kids agree on a tree. I think they would have agreed to a poinsetta for a Christmas tree this year it was so cold! We picked out a good one though.

After we got home, the babies went to bed and we told the big kids about their new sisters. They were both really excited. They had some questions about when they were going to come home, where they would both sleep, if they would speak English...etc. I feel so lucky that my husband is all in for this big family thing...of course...if he wasn't excited about that he probably wouldn't be my husband! I also feel lucky that my kids are totally excited about having lots of brothers and sisters. They are all extremely good brothers and sisters to each other (I don't know if that sentence even makes sense). They all get along so well it really boggles my mind. Yes...when they get tired (like at lunch today)...they bicker. Sometimes in the car, they bicker about who is going to sit in the rico suave low rider car seat - but they all get along so well.

This morning we woke up to about 1 inch of snow on the to follow. We also had an adoption play group at my house. I made some little gingerbread miniloaf things which were not very good...but the kids ate them up. I put extra frosting on them to disguise the blah-ness of the gingerbread! We had a new family come that have a 3yo son from kazakhstan. I am so excited about that. Kids were running around everywhere playing and I got to talk adoption with other parents. It was so fun. One of the other moms felt bad for my gingerbread disaster and brought us a gingerbread house kit! Hahaha. I really love entertraining...honestly, it is the only time I actually keep up on my housework! I need to entertain regularly in order to keep my dishes tamed.

After playgroup we took a nap and then headed over to the zoo for Zoolight Safari. It was literally 33 degrees out so we ran through the zoo...rode on the train and headed over to IHOP for dinner. Yum...nothing warms you up like hot chocolate and pancakes! When we hit home...the babies were asleep before their heads hit the pillow!

Tomorrow is tree decorating day! I am sure there will be pictures. We will also be buying some educational dvd's to send over to Beacon House. We are going to let the big kids pick out their favorite ones. We are still hoping to visit next month...but we are waiting on the specifics of my new contract. We wanted to travel around the 11th of January...but it is not looking promising. We are almost to one month out from that travel time and still no signed contract. Starting at the end of January I enter into a 2 month stretch where I can't take any vacation. So I think our precourt visit might not happen. At least if we can't travel until the end of March...I HOPE we are through court by then! Everything happens when it is supposed to happen so I totally can't obsess about that!

I have to run make brownies. Lilianna didn't like the gingerbread at all and I promised her brownies and here it is...1020pm and i still haven't made I am off to whip up a delicious batch of brownies.

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