Thursday, December 3, 2009

The new Girls...

Well...I kind of threw in a small blurb about our new daughters to be a couple of days ago. It is strange that this very blog was started 3 years ago to be a resource for people who wanted to adopt from Kyrgyzstan. I was all about sharing every little thing about our new process from Ghana.

This adoption has been a little more mysterious and is bordering on marathon length....we basically started right after Benjamin was born. I think our stamina puttered out with all of the burdens put on us by the state of Alabama, then Kyrgyzstan closing down. Then we went back and forth and agonized over ages, gender, special needs. At more than one point in the recent past I threw my hands up and declared it was just too difficult and emotionally exhausting to adopt. Of course...that conviction didn't last too long! I do feel like I have been running an adoption marathon for the last 2-ish years.

That exhaustion has, unfortunately, translated into an initial lack of excitement about referral time. I am scared, and Keith is scared that these two little girls will be another heartbreak of children not coming home. So...we are trepidatious about getting excited, about telling the other kids, about making real concrete plans about and for the girls.

Then, the other night...I realized I had been totally pulling the Nicholas waiting for the Earthquake. of the greatest lessons in my life was learned from Nicholas on the tv show "8 is enough". I know I have talked about it on this blog before. Basically, worrying about something I have no control over and not allowing myself to enjoy life because of something bad that MIGHT happen is a total waste of this super wonderfull experience of bringing home my 2 new daughters. So stand back...I am officially excited...I can't share a lot about them right now...but oh the online shopping list and pictures...what fun!

We are telling the other kids this weekend and letting the kids pick out some educational dvd's to send to the Beacon House classroom. Lilianna already accidently saw pictures of B and I think she knows she is getting 2 new sisters...nothing gets past is pretty impressive to see her little mind go.


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Tapsalteerie said...

So glad you found peace and therefore excitement! Can't wait to hear more about B & V!

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