Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The potty chair

Yes...it was a long time ago...but when Lilianna's preschool was potty training her (haha..) we had purchased a dvd called "Potty Power" which had singing, dancing, stories, and an animated roll of toilet paper named "TP". We have been playing it for Zeb intermittently and he loves it. On Sunday, Keith and I were making dinner and I noticed that Zeb was missing. I asked..."where is Zeb" ...and he came running around the corner saying..."I used potty chair". Occasionally for the past month Zeb would ask to use the potty chair ...he would sit on it for like 3 or 4 minutes..do nothing...and then say "all done". So...I went in to see and sure enough...there was a full froggy potty chair. Zeb had just decided now that he was 3 he was going to use the potty chair....so totally unprompted he just started using it on Sunday. He used the potty chair all day yesterday with no peeing accidents.

I am sure you are all aware of my potty training philosophy. Don't do it...haha...at some point...likely before 1st or 2nd grade...your kids will do it themselves. We talk about it..."put your pee pee in the potty" blah blah blah..and we are supportive of Zeb's efforts...I will take Zeb to the potty chair whenever he asks to go and he definitly has that little froggy potty chair for him to use...but it is all him. I already have a lot of stress in my life...I don't need to be fighting with my kids about diapers.... I was a little worried that our hands off approach wouldn't work...but now I am really proud of Zeb. We were very, very surprised and very proud of him. Go Zeb...just in time to be getting another one in diapers!

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