Monday, December 14, 2009

Why I am mushy..

I have talked a lot on this blog about how lucky I feel and how special I feel to have my husband.....oh I go again.

Sunday, Keith and I were talking about something on the way home from church and he just randomly looked at me and said "I adore you". He does too. 100% all in, takes out the trash every week, takes care of the kids in the middle of the night so I can sleep, makes the bed in the morning, gets pepperoni pizza even though he likes supreme...loves me.

I hope our boys grow up to be like him and my girls grow up expecting demanding be adored the way their father adores their mother.

Oh yeah....and I totally adore my husband and just can't do enough to show him how much I love him.


Tapsalteerie said...

Somehow I think Keith and Jim were cut from the same fabric. They sound so similar :)

Michelle said...

We are a couple of very lucky girls!

The Stevens said...

i have to third that one! I got a good one too, I think with our careers Michelle any other type of guy would just not do!!! WE NEED A REAL MAN :) (very blessed we all found one)

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