Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The xmas Lilianna schedule

Lilianna left for New Orleans last night with her father. I hate whenever she leaves...it is getting harder the older she gets...I am not exactly sure why. Maybe it is because the older she gets the more I enjoy her company. That is not saying I didn't love her and enjoy her company when she was younger...but lets face it....this age has got to be the easiest age. There are no diapers, you can reason with them, they will still do what you tell them to do and there is very little teenage sass. Lilianna is just a total joy to be around.

She is sweet, and has remarkable insight into people and events. I think it is great to be a grown - up and every once in a while be reminded of the simple truths of life by a 6 year old.

Yesterday, she got a new little cuddly critter puppy dog...so now she has 2 of them and she was playing make believe with them. She has a black one she named "flowers" and a white one named "Blondie". Flowers is the older sister and Blondie is only 4 so she can't go outside...so even though Flowers wanted to go outside and play she stayed inside to play with Blondie and to teach her how to be a good house dog. Then Lilianna was teaching the puppies how to walk and she was super supportive teacher..."good job, you are doing great....here is a tummy yummy".

It makes me so proud of her when she displays her sweet nature.

To make a long story short..I will miss her so much while she is gone.

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Tapsalteerie said...

I can't imagine not having Sophie around all the time. I love the world through her eyes... it's a much less cynical place.

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