Monday, January 25, 2010

Another reason to boycott UNICEF

A life outside the box gives us another example how UNICEF works tirelessly to keep orphaned children without forever families.

UNICEF has been working hard and petitioning the government of Haiti to stop the recent move to expedite pending adoptions in Haiti after the Earthquake and was successfull today.

I can't explain to you how terribly backwards it is for an organization that claims to protect the rights of children put their lofty ideals above the needs of real living a breathing children. I agree that there is corruption in adoption, but the answer isn't to celebrate life in an orphanage as an equitable alternative to having a family, and the answer isn't to stop the orphans in Haiti that have been proven to be orphans and available for adoption (before the earthquake) to keep them from joining their families in an expedited manner. If there is not some special provision to expedite these adoptions...the process will never be completed and many of these children could die.

I will never, ever, ever, willingly do anything to further the cause of UNICEF and I hope you won't either.

Please feel free to contact your representatives, Hillary Clinton's office, or even the White House to voice your disbelief at UNICEF's attempts to doom these children. I am so disgusted by UNICEF.

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