Friday, January 1, 2010

Black Eyed Peas

I am trying to make Waakye from a recipe Anita used a couple of months ago. I am sooooo cooking illiterate. I already burned th tomato gravy...but I kind of picked out the blackened onions and blackened tomato skins. I actually started out messing up because Keith was supposed to buy 8 roma tomatoes for me and as I started this afternoon there were only 7. So if this turns out is automatically not my fault. Keith is such a good guy to take the fall for me!

I might add some tomator paste or something...we shall see..we are still about 25 minutes away from working on the peas. I think i will post pictures of the kid's faces when I make them each take a bite.....oh I am so drunk on power.

We are on a family diet so there is no dessert to bribe anyone with...oh well. i am also making some cornbread. I would have made fance cornbread...but Keith brought home jiffy cornbread mix. I can do that too. I am more of a jiffy girl than a cook tomato gravy from scratch girl...but I am working on it. Seriously, I really do want to be able to cook some foods that B will like.

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