Friday, January 29, 2010


We have been running around and stockpiling items to pack in our bedroom.....we aren't packing anything yet...just making piles. Our bedroom is a tad like an episode of "Hoarders". We discovered last night, that we actually don't have more than one large we have to go buy a couple of new suitcases. Well, at least one.

Today, I had some time off, so Keith and I met and went to the bank to get some new $100 bills. We decided to go to a totally random branch of our bank that I had never been to. The teller we went to first, didn't have a lot of bills, so she called over another teller to look in her till. Teller #1 started some small talk...oh where are you going...for vacation or business...the conversation progressed.

Turns out teller #1 and her sister are adopted from Korea...her coworker says..." I didn't know you were adopted?" Teller #1 says "Yeah, my parents are caucasian." That sounded somewhat funny to call your parents caucasion. I had images of Zeb growing up and someday calling me caucasian. I would have chosen white. I understand in Ghana people will call us peach. I asked teller #1 if she had been to visit S. Korea and she says "Oh yeah we went there when I was like 12 it was cool." She said it in the same way I would say..."I went to Destin, Fl last summer it was cool." It was funny......I Teller #2 tells us that her parents are in the midst of a prolonged and painfull adoption from Jamaica.

So what are the chances that today we would choose a totally random bank branch and be helped by 2 people whose lives are touched by international adoption. Sometimes it is a small world!


Tapsalteerie said...

Wow that is pretty weird/awesome!

Shannon said...

Very cool - coincidence? I think not!

I can just picture you guys stumbling over your piles, sleeping in the last tiny clean corner of your bedroom. I won't schedule an intervention just yet......

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