Wednesday, January 20, 2010

leaps of faith...

Today, we were finally able to send in the fees for our Beacon House adoption....we sent the whole shbang though. Now we don't have to worry about accidently spending the second half of our fees....but it is kind of a leap of faith that court will eventually happen and go well.

I also got the doll that I ordered for B...I love it. It is really cute...the hair is gorgeous...and it smells like vanilla...I love that!

Nothing else much going on around here. I am catching up on cleaning today. I was so lucky that I got an unexpected day off today...I slept in and then went to lunch with Lilianna at school. Now I am frantically cleaning the house and doing laundry to justify my day off..haha. Then I am picking Lilianna up at school and we are heading down to fed ex our fees to Beacon House....yeah!

I was very excited to get B's doll and thought I would throw up a little post! Now back to regularly scheduled laundrypalooza!


Shannon said...

That is sooo exciting! The doll, I mean. I guess sending the money is sort of exciting, too, in a twisted, "happy to be broke because we're going to have new kids" sort of way. I haven't ordered M's special doll yet - there are scars and shunts to be added. :( I'm jealous that your laundry is getting done.

Michelle said...

don't worry...not all of that laundry is getting done and most of it is piling up clean in our fancy eddie bauer bassinette (the worlds most expensive unmatched sock holder!). I say you order the doll after this surgery in a leap of faith!

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