Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lilianna's Home!

Yes...I have Keith's camera! I missed this little girl so much. Although, I am sure she grew at least an inch in the last week. I missed her drama, I missed the way she jumps in and plays at 100% with Zeb, I missed the way she does the full-on dissolve into your arms, jump on your lap hug. She really is amazing at is like she folds up into the size of a peanut, nestles in and latches on. So she is home.

We had Christmas and she is the queen of the dramatic gift open. The best one is when she opened her brand new easy bake oven from grandma and poppy. We have already tried that baby out. The irony of the easy bake oven is that it is much easier to get those little just add water in a disposable bowl and microwave cakes...oh well....the easy bake oven has that cake pusher/carrier arm thing and that can't be beat.

i am working tonight, but will post some pictures after church tomorrow.

Next Saturday is the January adoption play group if anyone wants to come just email will be fun...maybe we will have easy bake snacks! Maybe I will try to make some little Kyrgyz dessert dish though. Any suggestions?

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